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Jazz On The Park


Jazz is a spin-off of the afro-american culture, it evolves into entertainment and it is considered as the dance style used in cabarets and theaters in the 20’s.


JAZZ ON THE PARK  is a sumptuous blend of the 1920’s atmosphere, the technical movements and spectacular dance phrases of Hip-Hop dance.

Indeed, with this show FIGURE 2 STYLE combines harmoniously rhythms, styles and techniques. The choreography emphasizes on energy, syncopated rhythms, stops, silences, the dynamics and the surprise, while supporting the individual expression and the feeling.

The Jazz on the Park atmosphere finds its inspiration in some videoclips such as “Smooth Criminal” of Michael Jackson (1988), who’s referring to the musical “The Band Wagon” performed by Fred Astaire (1953).

- Show for 5 dancers

- Show duration : 45 min

- Short version : 20 min
- Scenic dimensions : 12x10m


Find a sample right here :

Influence is the result of the act of one person, circumstance or something that impacts another. Im- mersed in a televisual and eclectic musical culture, the group wanted to give life to their inspirations, clothed in the costumes of dance.



1-FLUX-ENCE references videos and TV series such as ABC by the Jackson 5, the Simpsons, etc...


Strongly geared towards the technical and spectacular aspects of Hip Hop, this piece mixes humor and dance with finesse.


In this piece, Figure 2 Style decided not to tell a story. The troupe explores the soul of dance by giving life to emotions through gestures; simplified, energetic gestures, often very aerial and precise. With agility, they transform the stage into a “free movement” space and transmute dance into life.

This piece glorifies corporal movement with disconcerting energy. With this show, Figure 2 Style didn’t want a thematic base, but rather to play with its influences. 

- Show for : 6 dancers

- Show duration : 15 min
- Short version : 6 min
- Scenic dimensions : 10x10m


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