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Figure 2 Style (F2S) is descendant from the group Positif Force, a group born in Chenôve (Dijon conglomeration) in the 80s and which is considered to be the « spiritual father » of Figure to Style. After the breakup of Positif Force, 2 of the original members decided to continue the adventure by welcoming all the youth who were either already dancing Hip Hop, wanting to deepen their connec- tion or discover this type of dance and its state of mind. This group of new blood was made up pri- marily of members from the same neighborhood. Little by little their base group expanded to include an ever widening area, transcending the context of just the neighborhood.



The group Figure 2 Style was officially established in 1996 and from that point on their reputation has grown steadily, fed by competition performances in which the group participated, and via classes and training sessions given throughout the region.

During the long process of re-organizing, F2S began a close partnership, in 1997, with the MJC of Chenôve (Youth Group Organization providing opportunities to communities to participate in various activities). The MJC furnished a place where the group could artistically thrive, work and create; a place where the curious and the dancers could safely try out and explore Hip Hop dancing.



A core group slowly formed, made primarily from members of the same family (Fiossonangaye) and childhood friends. These members would become real pillars of the group, source of motivation and passing on of the Hip Hop culture values throughout the Dijon are and its suburbs.



The 25th of April 2001, the association Figure 2 Style came into being with the goal of promoting Hip Hop culture all over the Dijon conglomeration. Today, the group has approximately 15 active dan- cers, many of them internationally renowned (Crazy Monkey, Sarah Bee, Ced-Rock...).





The association is present in all areas: shows, battles, debates, classes, cultural projects.

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