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Contact-us : +33(0)3 80 52 19 76



Figure2Style has built a reputation for hosting spectacular corporate events. We are devoted helping you create a corporate event that will impress your colleagues and clients,allowing you to shine.


We take the time to understand the purpose of your event includingthe dynamics of the attendees and your ultimate goals.


Our team, dynamic and motivated will work with you taking in account your budget in order to provide you the right entertainment services.



All year round, come rain, snow or storm, we propose workshops all fields taken together (Popping, Locking, House, Breaking, Toprocking). It be initiation or sophistication, we stay at your disposal et we will know how to meet your requirements.


Thanks to our internationnally recognized teachers and thanks to our experience, the word "Rookie" or "Advanced" is no longer taboo for us. Indeed, our know-how and our flexibilit allow us to be responsive in every situations.


Please note that our teachers are mobile and car owners. For any question please let us know.



Unity, Flava, Style, Real Hip-Hop activists, Blow-up, Go down, Originality, Personnality, Style again and again, Family, Brothers, all these words can define Figure2Style crew.


If you need a crew for your event, whether it is in France or overseas, please let us know by contacting us.

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